Landlord Insurance Quotes


Landlord Insurance Quotes

When shopping for landlord insurance the best thing you can do is get multiple quotes from the best companies in the industry. This will allow you to compare rates and coverage then make an informed decision. It used to take many phone calls to different insurance agents trying to find the best possible price for your rental property insurance.

We understand that you are constantly trying to balance unexpected costs with monthly rental income. Why not lower your fixed costs by finding cheaper landlord insurance. Not only will your income increase you may also find a company offering more coverage for less cost.

All landlords deal with the unexpected but finding low cost rental property insurance is easy and fast. Just enter your zip code above and complete the simple application. In a matter of minutes you will receive multiple landlord insurance quotes to compare. is a site dedicated to the income property owner who doesn't have time to shop for insurance. We take the hassle out of calling around for quotes.

Start now and save money in minutes!

Compare Landlord Insurance

When you compare landlord insurance quotes online it can be a bit confusing so we will try to help by breaking down the process. First you need to know what you are trying to accomplish when shopping for insurance. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you just trying to find the cheapest policy or do you want a new insurance agent?

Have you had bad claims experience with your current carrier and want to switch?

Are you willing to move all your insurance policies to one company so you can save the most money with multi-policy discounts.

After you know why you are shopping for insurance and what possible obstacles you may run into it will be simple to find a better and more affordable landlord insurance policy.

What Questions Should I Ask When Getting Insurance Quotes?

1. Why is the dwelling or building coverage different from the other company I just got a quote from?

This is common when you compare quotes from multiple companies because they each use a different formula for calculating building reconstruction costs.

2. How much will I save if I insure all of my income properties with your company? Do I get a discount for also adding my homeowner and auto insurance?

Many insurance companies will offer savings up to 45% off if you combine your other policies with them. You may not get much savings if you have multiple rental properties but it never hurts to ask.

3. It is also a good idea to research the companies you are interested in to find out if they have positive claim history and good customer service records.

Mobile Home Quote Type

We can provide landlord insurance quotes for most any type of home including:

  • mobile home
  • single family
  • condo
  • apartment

Landlord Home Insurance


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